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Writing on the Wall was born after an impromptu writing workshop led by Professor William Kolbrener, right after October 7th. Hearing the urgency of partipant voices, the power of their stories, Writing on the Wall was born. In our shared pain, we create the words for a future we are in the process of imagining. 

Through our poetry and prose workshops, masterclasses, podcasts, and publication on our ‘Wall,’ we build our community, a safe space for Jews to express themselves – not only in writing, but in photos, paintings, and videos. 

We believe in the power of words and art to create, to heal, to bring together. 

We do not seek a false unity, but a harmony of differences.

This is Where We Create.

‘That’ Day

Professor William Kolbrener – That day my life changed. I stopped writing scholarly articles; I put aside a book...

My People, My Son

Erica Landis –  The smell of chlorine.  On my clothes, on the red terry cloth towel.  I can’t stand...

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Find your Voice. Write with Us.

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