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After October 7th, in a time of unprecedented crisis for the Jewish World, Writing on the Wall provides a safe place for Jews to express themselves. The Humanities in North America and Europe, once a haven for Jews, has become dangerous for them. With the antisemitism emanating from the university, Jews no longer have safe spaces for Jews to share their voices, and listen to those of others.

We threaten to fragment, and lose the unprecedented opportunity to recreate our communities, to find a place for the diversity which has for so long been the strength of Jewish Unity. Security for our children and our students is on the bottom of Maslow’s Pyramid, but finding our common stories, working through our trauma together is not far above.

  • As university spaces are no longer safe for Jews, or friends of Israel, WW provides creative spaces for students, professors, synagogue groups, and community centers, to reflect on October 7th.
  • Our aim is to create a community, including Israeli and Diaspora voices, through poetry and art, which is inclusive and diverse.
  • WW provides an opportunity for Diaspora Jews to become stakeholders in our common struggle for survival.
  • We know that creativity has always been the life source of the Jewish People, of disagreement that provides the energy for a vibrant community
What We Do:
  • With our diverse team of workshop leaders, led by Professor William Kolbrener, we create opportunities for self-expression in a framework of belonging.
  • Podcast: Our Podcast ‘Off the Wall!’ brings unexpected perspectives from Israel and the Diaspora as we process our parallel traumas.
  • Our Wall – the place where we publish writings from our workshops, photos, paintings, compositions.
  • We are our Network – online convenings, poetry readings, virtual museum visits, webinars, and online prompts, and shared resources for our community, including a Campus Survival Guide.

In our shared pain, we create the words for a community we are in the process of imagining – one in which we survive this trauma, together.

Writing on the Wall is a registered 501-3c charity – EIN 93-4852107