We are a community of writers in Israel, America, and Europe; our workshops are conducted by our diverse team of professors, novelists, poets, and creative non-fiction writers.

Our Team

William Kolbrener

Executive Director

Professor of English Literature at Bar Ilan University in Israel, Bill has written books on John Milton, Mary Astell, and Joseph Soloveitchik. Bill has put academic research aside because he believes in the power of writing and art to transform the Jewish People.

Ronit Eitan

Creative Director

Ronit is an Israeli novelist, lives in Tel Aviv, and has a Masters in Creative Writing from Bar Ilan

Esther Schupak

Avner Landes

Geula Geurts

Daniel Feldman

Aidy Friedman

Board of Advisers

Danny Bernstein

Haras Rafiq

Madison Bettle

Noah D Roth

Sara K Eisen

Yehudit Barsky

Yifa Segal

Our Team

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