Would You Step on my Dance Floor with a Machine Gun?

Emilie Vallieres –

The late afternoon light is the one I prefer

It makes the life around so much brighter

The wind calms down, yields the sound of the infinite

Out of time Out of touch

In a country so proud to shine with virtue

It is still October 6th for you and me

I hear the voices of the hippies

Their wishes for worldwide harmony

As my body soaks in the river

Out of time

Out of touch

In a nation ignorant of terror

It is still October 6th here

For you, the darkness that precedes sunrise

I dance under the stars

The safety of instruments and voices

Created to arouse love and joy

Out of time

Out of touch

Who would step on my dance floor with a machine gun?

It is October 7th for you and me now

I sleep with the doors unlocked

Naked under a floral blanket

That will remain smooth and fresh

Out of time

Out of touch

Cradled by a lullaby full of humanism

It is still October 7th

A long afternoon full of upside down mattresses and stained blankets

As I stay in my safe space

The pages of your calendar stand still

A single day is not enough to shelter all the screams and pain

The time bypasses your memories

They touched her with indicible hatred and there is no healing

Just incredulity from the outside world

Here, October 7th is a past day

I walk the streets of a high-end neighborhood

The warm hand of a man

Who gives me a candle to light for the young victims of war

Out of time

Out of touch

Surrounded by people who put the blame on your children.

Image by Arik Ventura